Stratton Jewellery - ABOUT


Stratton’s Jewellery presents a beautiful selection of fine jewellery from specialty designers found only in-store.

Shopping at Stratton’s is a one-of-a-kind experience, with each showcase carefully curated to show off the artistry and uniqueness of each designer. Step into a space of fine craftmanship and imagination, only at Stratton’s Jewellery.

Owner Dave Stratton is a certified gemologist who has been working in the industry since 1985. From the streets of Santa Monica to bustling downtown Vancouver and the soaring heights of Banff, Dave has been studying gems from around the world in some of its finest stores.

In 2005, he opened Stratton’s Jewellery in Banff. The businesses expanded to Canmore, which eventually became the home of Stratton’s Jewellery.

“I like downtown Canmore, with it’s beautiful galleries and high-end stores. It has a hometown feel, where the owners of these shops are often in-store serving customers. It’s the perfect place for Stratton’s Jewellery.” Dave Stratton

Stratton Jewellery - ABOUT